Doom: Eternal rips and tears launch sales records set by Doom 2016

The game is riding the success of the 2016 reboot—and is perhaps being used as a cathartic way to live through global quarantine.

Doom: Eternal doubled launch weekend revenue record set by the 2016 reboot of Doom.

As the world continues quarantine and isolate, the market for distractions grows, as proven by Doom: Eternal’s weekend revenue, which smashed through the previous record set by the game in 2016, according to Gematsu. Owned by Bethesda, Doom: Eternal saw double the launch revenue of Doom

The Doom franchise is an old one. Dating back to the 1990s, the series follows the main character as he combats demonic invasions in various settings. In 2016, Doom released as a reboot of the main franchise and was highly praised by players and critics alike, earning it high marks across the board and selling over 500,000 copies on PC in the first month

Now, Doom: Eternal is poised to overtake its predecessor. A direct sequel to the first game, Doom: Eternal brings the battle to Earth, where players must bring order to a chaotic world of demons and gore. Bethesda did not offer the exact numbers, but it announced the game doubled the previous launch revenue of the 2016 Doom. In the first week, Doom: Eternal on Steam sold over 100,000 copies, one-fifth of the PC sales in the first month. 

The Doom franchise has a loyal fanbase, and the sequel was a much-anticipated release. While loyal fans cannot be discounted, it is possible the surge in sales is helped in part by COVID-19 measures taken by many. Social isolation and quarantine forced many potential buyers into their homes for hours on end, looking for an outlet.

In Italy, internet usage jumped by 70 percent as isolated citizens downloaded and played Fortnite to pass the time. Doom: Eternal offers lengthy, cathartic gameplay in a time of global crisis. Bringing order to a world overrun with demons may not be a direct parallel, but it may let players vent some of their quarantine-induced frustrations.

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