Fortnite Zero Build mode makes no building permanent

To build or not to build, that is the question.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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After toying with it, Epic Games has made no building permanent in Fortnite. Epic Games has added Fortnite Zero Build to the game, offering an alternative battle royale mode without building for those that enjoyed playing the game without bases popping up around them constantly.

To appease fans of the original Fortnite experience and those who think building gets in the way of the fun, Epic Games has given us a mode that removes the building aspect of the game. Now, you can choose whether you want to continue building bases or not. The no-build mode was initially leaked and now it has been made official. Check out the Fortnite Zero Build mode trailer below:

To help us out in the absence of building and the defense it can offer, Epic Games has added a recharging overshield to all players in Zero Build mode. This should make everyone more difficult to eliminate, something to take into account during a gunfight.

Fortnite Zero Build mode gives players the chance to showcase their combat skills in Fortnite without those pesky buildings getting in the way. Some could argue that Zero Build mode gives the true impression of a player’s skill. Being able to build quickly and accurately, though, is a skill in itself that at least hasn’t been permanently removed for those that enjoy OG Fortnite.