New Doom Slayers Collection Could Heat up Your Winter Later This Week

Doom Recreated in Minecraft
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With Doom Eternal pushed back to a March release, Bethesda is left with a rather wide gap without releases for the winter season. However, that could soon be filled, as a retail page suggests we’ll get another Doom package in its place.

According to a product listing on the GAME site, the Doom Slayers Collection is set to release on Dec. 13, 2020 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, priced at around $30. Details indicate that the package includes the 2016 Doom rebirth, along with the recently released HD versions of Doom, Doom II and Doom 3. The package will also reportedly include a special controller skin, as well as a $10 coupon for Doom Eternal for when it comes out. It’s worth noting that the classic Doom games aren’t included on the disc, but rather are downloadable via vouchers included with the package.

Bethesda hasn’t confirmed this release just yet. However, with The Game Awards taking place this Thursday, Dec. 12, it could make an announcement for Doom Slayers Collection at that time, then stating something like “you can buy this starting… tomorrow.”

It’s a pretty nice package considering the price, and the discount for Doom Eternal would be a welcome one, if it ends up being included. It would have been a real surprise if Doom 64 were thrown in as well, but fans will get that classic soon enough, when it releases alongside Doom Eternal on Mar. 20, 2020.