Dragon Age 4 is reportedly on track to release in 2023

Dragon Age development is reportedly going according to plan.

Image via BioWare

After Bioware’s sci-fi franchise had its chance back in the spotlight following a remastered collection, along with the announcement of a new Mass Effect, Dragon Age is nearly due for its return. It was previously reported that Dragon Age 4 wouldn’t release in 2022, with a recent report suggesting that 2023 is on the cards.

According to video game journalist Jeff Grubb, the anticipated follow-up to Bioware’s fantasy RPG series is in a healthy development cycle. Grubb spoke about the game on the Grubbsnax podcast, during which he elaborated on its potential release window.

According to Grubb’s sources, the game is about 18 months out from launch, assuming everything continues as planned. This would peg it as a late 2023 release, however he does state there is a possibility it could slip past this estimate. While development is currently meeting expected deadlines according to Grubb, anything could happen that might throw the project off course.

When pondering the possibility of Dragon Age 4 releasing in 2024 or beyond, some might wonder what the chances of Bioware releasing a remastered Dragon Age collection to tide fans over would be. Unfortunately for fans and newcomers, Grubb says that no such compilation is in the works because it would require more of an investment from the team. The series’ story also isn’t as connected, providing less incentive for Bioware to take action.