Dying Light 2 Stay Human will finally add New Game Plus later this week

Are you ready to live through the zombie apocalypse again?

Image via Techland

After fans have clamored for several weeks, Dying Light 2 Stay Human is about to get a feature that was suspiciously missing at launch. Later this week, fans can expect to experience the highly-requested New Game Plus through a free update.

Update version 1.3.0 launches on April 27, introducing a range of tweaks, but New Game Plus is the headlining feature. As you’d expect, the New Game Plus run carries over your player level, skills, and equipment. These let you experience the story from a fresh perspective, allowing you to make different choices, without the hassle of unlocking everything all over again.

There is one caveat to replaying the game through this method, which is that you will lose all of your Nightrunner tools. All of these Nightrunner tools, such as the grappling hook and paraglider, must be unlocked through the story once again. On the plus side, New Game Plus adds an extra 30 inhibitors to further increase health and stamina.

Other additions to this update include increased spawn rates for special infected, making it easier to get special loot. Players can also expect new parkour challenges, along with a new platinum tier of medals to work toward.