Dying Light 2 Stay Human will have over 500 unique pieces of gear

Dying Light 2 turns up the RPG.

Image via Techland

If you’re a fan of co-op action games and shooters in the vein of Dead Island and Dying Light, you likely have an affinity for progression systems. Whether that comes from leveling up, investing in skill points, or acquiring loot, you love that mix of adrenaline-fueled combat and light RPG elements. Luckily, Dying Light 2 has gear hounds covered.

The official Dying Light Twitter account posted an image of the Dying Light 2 player character decked out in a fancy outfit. This tweet also advertises that the sequel to the 2015 first-person parkour title has more than 500 unique pieces of equippable gear.

This extravagant amount of gear feeds into Dying Light 2’s new armor system, featuring six armor slots: torso, bracers, head, gloves, pants, and shoes. This is a major shift from the original game’s outfits, which only existed as cosmetic rewards outside of the ninja outfit.

Also, unlike the original Dying Light, because there are individual armor slots, players can mix and match armor pieces for unique looks. As expected from modern loot systems, gear is defined by the typical tiered rarity system communicated by color ranging from white to gold. All of these changes serve to reinforce Dying Light 2’s more player-driven approach to game design, including deeper RPG elements and a more reactive story.