NPCs Coming to Fallout 76 | E3 2019

Fallout 76

Bethesda’s E3 2019 conference released an entire slew of new Fallout 76 information. Announced by a Bethesda representative, Fallout 76 will bring new content, NPCs, quests, and gear to the multiplayer online game.

Fallout 76 had a rough start last year. It didn’t get far after the initial beta stage where players were disheartened with the lack of content and quality of the game. Especially a game boasting such a long, rich history of high quality gameplay and stories. The Fallout franchise is well-loved by many in the gaming community and the idea of an online, open world, multiplayer version of it delighted many fans.

It fell short when it turned out that the beta really gave players all of what it was instead of just a sample. The lack of content and things to do drove players to other games and Fallout 76 never really got off the ground. Many played the beta but decided it wasn’t really worth the money after that and forgot about it entirely.

Bethesda's list of upcoming changes to Fallout 76.

During their E3 2019 conference, Bethesda seemed aware of the fallout regarding Fallout 76. Not to be outdone by their competitors, Bethesda heard the call for content and announced a variety of new stuff for their online game.

First and most exciting are the NPCs. For the most part, Fallout 76’s map feels more barren and lifeless than it should, even for the post apocalyptic world it is. Players are lucky to run into other players there are already only a few NPCs and quests about. This upcoming update will bring not some new life to the game with returning NPCs.

And with new NPCs come new main quests, consequences, choices, and gear. What these quests will be remains unknown for now, but the announcement is exciting enough to bring some players around. The Fallout franchise has always been a good one for choices and consequences. This area was also lacking in Fallout 76. This new update will hopefully bring some much needed depth to the world.

If all of that didn’t draw players back in, Bethesda announced a free to play week in honor of E3. So grab your stimpacks and get going.