Elden Ring god MissMikkaa has just beaten Malenia on controller and DDR dance pad… simultaneously

Nothing can stop her now.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Many Twitch fans have started to complain over the years that their favorite streamers have become lazy with their content. Well, no one can say that about MissMikkaa. The streamer has managed to conquer the hearts of the people on the platform by surprising fans all over the world with her amazing challenges.

We’ve recently talked about MissMikkaa defeating the mighty god of thunder, Thor, in God of War: Ragnarok, on the hardest difficulty, while keeping one of her hands in a Pringles can. Of course, this achievement seemed to be incredibly easy for her. Now, she is back with another amazing feat. One of the mightiest bosses in Elden Ring has to be Malenia, as there are thousands of threads on forums and Reddit talking about how she is impossible to defeat.

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To show people that wasn’t true, MissMikkaa managed to defeat Malenia today using both a controller and a DDR dance pad at the same time. It seems it wasn’t enough that she already managed to defeat her one-handed. She has been fighting most of the bosses in Elden Ring for almost a month now, while playing both on her PC and PS5, and defeating them all at the same time. Fans have been restlessly waiting for the incredible battle with Malenia, and MissMikkaa didn’t disappoint.

She first defeated the all-mighty Malenia using the dance pad and then almost loses the battle when using the controller, but manages to succeed in the end. After this battle, it seems that it should be an easy task to finish the game twice at the same time on both consoles. There is no Elden Ring challenge that MissMikkaa won’t finish.