Elden Ring information to come out by April, says insiders

It doesn’t look like fans are going to have to wait much longer.

According to VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb, FromSoftware fans are not going to have to wait much longer to get some more information on the developer’s next title, Elden Ring.

Grubb spoke on the game on a podcast at GamesBeat, stating: “They gave me confidence that Elden Ring would be by the end of March. I’ve said this repeatedly, I’ve never had an exact date, I’ve had some reasons to be confident.” Grubb continued: “I know enough to be confident, but if it were to slip into April I would apologize, but I will continue to say you are not gonna wait long.”

Separately, Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier gave a similar prediction on Twitter regarding Elden Ring news. “I know lots of people are desperate for Elden Ring news. I don’t know much about it (except that it’s been delayed a bunch),” wrote Schreier. “But there is strong evidence floating around that the game will be shown relatively soon. It’s not going to pull a Winds of Winter. Elden Ring has pages[.]”

The last time we have received any information on Elden Ring was its announcement trailer at Microsoft E3 2019 press conference. Since then, not much information on the game has been revealed other than some slight comments made during interviews. As we have seen with many other cancellations and delays, the global pandemic could be one factor on why FromSoftware has stayed relatively quiet.

With the exponentially rising popularity in FromSoftware titles and with George R.R. Martin being one of the writers on the game, fans are foaming at the mouth to get any bit of detail. The game is set to be the largest and most open game the developers have ever created. Let’s hope we get to see it in action soon.