Elden Ring player beats the game without ever touching that pesky walking button to move

No WASD or Left Thumbstick required.

Image via FromSoftware

There have been some absolutely hilarious and ridiculous ways that players have beaten Elden Ring since its launch. While these challenges are often pointless, they make for great and clever entertainment. While many choose to forgo armor in the game, or even attacking enemies, no one has ever thought to complete the game without ever touching the movement controls… until now.

Elden Ring enthusiast ymfah has uploaded a video detailing their journey through the game and how they managed to beat it without walking at all. While you obviously need to move to get anywhere in the game, ymfah utilized hilariously clever tactics to get around touching WASD or the Left Thumbstick to navigate the Lands Between.

Vital to completing this feat is starting off as the Bandit class during character creation. The Bandit class begins the game with a great knife, which has a quickstep built in, allowing you to not only dash forward with it, but automatically circle around enemies in combat.

To turn, the Bandit starts with a Short Bow that can be aimed in the direction you want to move via the Right Thumbstick, which is the only easy way to angle your character without utilizing movement controls. While riding Torrent, you can jump to move a bit forward, and also press the dodge key to dash in a direction. This challenge is not easy to accomplish, and ymfah shows off many ridiculous deaths and failed strategies over the course of their journey.

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Elden Ring is regarded as a masterpiece and is truly a completely sandbox experience for players to tackle in any way they see fit. An expansion DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, has recently been announced, and no doubt fans will continue to find new and exciting ways to complete it as well.