Fallout 76 Is Getting A Battle Royale Mode Called Nuclear Winter | E3 2019

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Bethesda took to the stage and acknowledged that they made mistakes with Fallout 76, so one of the new things they are bringing to the game to please players is a Battle Royale mode called Nuclear Winter. It will be a 52 player Battle Royale mode, featuring all those things you love about Fallout. You’ll need to loot weapons and win gun fights to survive, while a red ring slowly closes in on you.

You will be able to play Fallout 76, and the new Nuclear Winter mode, for free from June 10 to June 17. It was interesting to see Bethesda arrive on stage, hat in hand, and give a heartfelt “we messed up” and talk about how they planned to put the game right. This announcement comes on top of the news that NPCs and dialogue options will also get added to the game.

You’ll be able to download an update for your system of choice today that will give you access to the new Nuclear Winter mode. It seems to be Bethesda’s plan to bring plenty of new content to the game, and the free access week will make it much easier for those still invested in the game to convince their friends to give it a shot.

Whether Bethesda can win back a reliable community to the game remains to be seen, but a suitable Battle Royale mode can be an incredibly popular thing, and it should get some good interest going during the upcoming free week.