Fallout 76 Season 7: Zorbo’s Revenge brings new events, rewards, and more

The new season begins with the Night of the Moth update.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Bethesda has revealed Fallout 76 Season 7: Zorbo’s Revenge ahead of the Night of the Moth update that launches on the same day, December 8. Season 7 is packed with new events for players to take on and rewards to earn, such as two new Companions.

Fallout 76 Season 7: Zorbo’s Revenge launches on December 8. On the day, the Night of the Moth update will also go live, bringing various quality of life changes to Fallout 76 and a brand new seasonal activity.

The season will carry players through to March 2022, with Fasnacht returning in January, a Valentine’s Day event in February, and a secret seasonal event in March that will be revealed closer to the time. Throughout this time, players will be able to earn progress in the new season pass, unlocking a range of rewards such as new Power Armor and two Companions: Xerxo and Katherine.

There’s also the West Virginia Slot Machine, a slot machine you can place at your C.A.M.P. that gives you and anyone operating it the chance to win 1,000 Caps, but only if they’re lucky. Finally, as with every season, there will be a series of radio plays to collect in Season 7: Zorbo’s Revenge, telling the tale of how Zorbo is finally fighting back against Captain Cosmos from Fallout 76’s first season.