How to complete the Refuge Daily: Recipe For Success mission in Fallout 76

Nothing like a home-cooked meal.

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The Pitt DLC released a bunch of new missions for you to take on in Fallout 76. These new missions are Refuge Daily missions and are given to you by the members of the Responders. One of the missions you can complete is called Recipe for Success and it requires you to do something simple; make a stew. Here is how you can complete the Refuge Daily: Recipe for Success mission in Fallout 76.

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Obtaining the mission

To get the mission, start by talking to Orlando in Whitespring resort. They will tell you about the different characters that need help around the camp, one of them being Esme. Esme is located in the kitchen area which can be found by going up the stairs from the entrance and taking the path to the left.

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Once you find Esme, talk to her and she will request that you help her with crafting a special stew for either the Raiders or the Settlers. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough ingredients to feed both groups. Once the conversation is over, the quest will start.

Crafting the stew

Creating the stew requires quite a few ingredients. You will need Venison, Carrots, Tatos, Salt, and Pepper. The Salt and Pepper will be needed later, first, you will just need the Venison, Carrots, and Tatos. While you grab the ingredients, be sure to go back to the stew and stir it to prevent it from burning. You can find the ingredients in the following areas:

  • Venison – In the storage area with the large metal shelves. Go to the top of the staircase and the Venison is on the top shelf.
  • Carrots – In the storage room connected to the kitchen. The Carrots can be found inside the refrigerator.
  • Tatos – In the same room as the Carrots. The Tatos can be found on a metal shelf in the back corner.
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After you get the three ingredients, interact with the objects on the countertops to prepare them for the stew. Interacting with the hammer will prepare the Venison, the sink will wash the Tatos, and the cutting board will chop up the Carrots. Once you are done preparing the ingredients, interact with the stew to place them in the bowl.

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Now you will need to get the Salt and Pepper. These ingredients are fairly easy to find and will be marked when you get close to them. They can be found in the following areas:

  • Salt – In the room where you found the Venison. On a shelf against the wall with the windows.
  • Pepper – In the storage room where you found the carrots. On a metal shelf in the corner.

After getting both of the spices, add them to the stew and talk to Esme. You can add an additional ingredient if you choose to such as Psycho or Stimpak. Afterward, she will ask you to deliver the stew to either the Raider or Settler representative. Make your choice and you will get rewarded appropriately.