Fan creates VHS tape and slipcover for a Hitman movie

Agent 47 didn’t erase this one.


Image via u/deuceLELE on Reddit

While there’s no shortage of movies inspired by the Hitman franchise, most fans would agree that they fall short of the magnificence that Agent 47 can achieve in the games. Inspired by the lack of good Hitman movies, one fan has put together a VHS tape and slipcover design for the ultimate film about Agent 47’s exploits.

The image cropped up on the Hitman subreddit and has gained 354 upvotes at the time of writing. It might not be sitting at the top of the page on Reddit, but it certainly caught the attention of Hitman developer IO Interactive. The developer posted the image and referenced the original artist, gaining a similar number of likes.

While fans have shown their age by asking what a VHS is in Reddit comments, the artist themselves has had fun with some fantastic Hitman references in this artwork. Tobias Rieper, Agent 47’s alias whenever he has to book a hotel suite, is listed next to Diana Burnwood, his handler, on the cover. The tape is supposedly presented by Tobias Rieper and the ICA, making sense if the movie is set during the first Hitman reboot game from 2016.

Hitman 3 Season of Gluttony launches tomorrow, bringing with it a new Escalation and set of rewards for players to earn in the gluttony-themed mission. Maybe we’ll see another tape or set of tapes themed around the Seasons of Sin Collection in the future.