Hitman 3 Season of Gluttony launches next week

You look famished, 47.


Image via Io Interactive’s YouTube

Hitman developer IO Interactive has announced that the next expansion for Hitman 3, Season of Gluttony, will launch next week. The season is the fifth act in the Seven Deadly Sins Collection and will be themed around overeating, overindulging, and murder.

Hitman 3 – Act 5: Season of Gluttony launches on August 31. However, IO Interactive added that there wouldn’t be a full game update for Hitman 3 at the same time, as has been the case with the past four expansions. Instead, the game’s update will come at some point in early September.

Season of Gluttony will bring a host of new content to Hitman 3, the roadmap for which will be revealed next week. What we do know for sure is that there’s going to be a new Escalation that’s only available to those who purchase the Season of Gluttony or Seasons of Sin Collection DLCs.

While we know the theme for this expansion, we don’t know its unique mechanic. Given that it explores the theme of gluttony, it could have a similar mechanic to The Sloth Depletion. In that Escalation, Agent 47 would lose energy with every action, meaning that players had to complete every level as fast as possible. In this gluttony-themed Escalation, Agent 47 may need to restore energy by killing targets, losing energy with every action he takes.

For completing this Escalation, players will unlock the Bubble Queen Gum Pack item, The Maximalist Shotgun, and The Profligacy Suit.

Image via IO Interactive/YouTube