Hitman World of Assassination: Elusive Target – The Drop Silent Assassin Guide

The Drop is a hot Elusive Target in Hitman World of Assassination, and completing it with a Silent Assassin rating isn’t easy.


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The Drop is an Elusive Target mission in Hitman World of Assassination. Agent 47 needs to head to the club in Berlin to kill Alexios Laskaris, played by famous DJ Dimitri Vegas. The entire location has been reworked, though, making Silent Assassin runs so much harder.

When players jump into The Drop, they’re going to have their hands full. The target is difficult to find, almost impossible to kill quietly, and constantly under watch. Thankfully, there’s one route that allows players to take down this target without being spotted, which makes everything so much easier. However, those without map knowledge are going to need some help.

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Best Loadout for The Drop in Hitman World of Assassination

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The best loadout for The Drop in Hitman World of Assassination all comes down to where Agent 47 starts the mission. Our run relies on him beginning the mission in the Biker Hangout. While we’ve equipped him with a weapon, poison, and coin, none of these are essential. The key to this run is the outfit and place Agent 47 starts.

The Drop Elusive Target Silent Assassin Guide for Hitman World of Assassination

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Once players start the mission, they need to get Agent 47 up out of his seat and into the club. There’s a Cue Ball in the Biker Hangout that’s incredibly useful later on, so players should grab it while they can. Once inside the club, players need to get Agent 47 down into the basement, where guests are raving.

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At the back of the rave on the right-hand side is a door for the tech crew. In his current disguise, Agent 47 can go through here undetected and access the ladder on the left-hand side once he does so. On top of the DJ booth, players can move him to the right to jump onto the air vents.

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Turn right and follow the vent into the corridor. There’s a camera in front of a door on the left below. Players need to wait for the camera to look away from their location to have Agent 47 drop down and move behind its range to get inside that door.

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Next, players need to get the manager’s disguise. The only issue is that he can see through Agent 47’s disguise. To do this, players need to get Agent 47 into the back of the room next to the gramophone. Agent 47 can use this as a distraction to draw the manager over. It’s important to turn it on long enough to distract the manager but then turn it off before he comes over. If players don’t do this, they’ll distract the guards, too.

When the manager comes over, Agent 47 can subdue him, take his outfit, and hide his body in the nearby locker. Now, players need to get him to the upper level of the club. This is where the target for this Elusive Target in Hitman World of Assassination is swanning around. He’s looking for the manager, which we only discovered after stumbling into the manager’s office during this mission.

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The best place to wait for the target is in the VIP bar, which is on the right-hand side of the upper level of the club. When the target enters, players can interact with him as the manager to start a conversation. Follow the prompts given until one appears to have the room cleared. This is the moment Agent 47 has been waiting for.

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Once the room has been cleared, players need to leave the conversation and get behind the target. They need to throw an object at him to subdue him, which is why we mentioned picking up the Cue Ball earlier. There’s a Lead Pipe down the passage directly behind the target, but there’s also a guard to contend with. So it’s better to just bring something to knock the target out with.

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Once the target has been subdued, players need to have Agent 47 drag him to the railing to the left-hand side of the bar in the VIP area. The body can be dumped over this railing to kill the target without anyone ever being able to find the body. Even if they do, it’ll count as an accidental kill and won’t ruin the Silent Assassin rating.

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For completing The Drop, players will unlock The Greek Fire Suit. An outfit that Agent 47 looks incredibly uncomfortable wearing because it makes him look like his target here. Still, it’s a better outfit than some of the other suits he has in the game.

Hitman World of Assassination Elusive Target Warning

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As with all Elusive Targets in Hitman World of Assassination, players can only attempt The Drop once. If players reach a point where they want to restart and they haven’t killed the target, they can. As soon as the target has been killed, players can’t restart.

Due to this restriction, we recommend following our route through a few times until it’s been learned. Then, players can go for their true run and ensure they get everything right, earning as many rewards as possible from the mission.