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Fans ponder a Resident Evil 5 Remake after noticing something interesting about Luis in RE4 Remake

AI has come a long way since we first met Sheva.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is only a few short weeks away, and fan hype could not be any higher. The original game is widely regarded as a masterpiece by many gamers, and Capcom looks to truly be keeping the initial outing intact with modern improvements and gameplay. Hidden amongst the many amazing scenes in the latest trailer is Luis joining Leon as an AI sidekick for several portions of the action. Luis being an active companion in the RE4 Remake has gotten fans discussing whether he is being used as a testing ground for a possible remake of Resident Evil 5.

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The conversation is mostly speculation at this point. The trailer shows Luis fighting in many more action scenes in the remake than in the original. He also looks to be a lot more capable than any previous AI companion in the series, as we see him take his shots when appropriate, duck to avoid damage, and even kick an enemy that is focused on Leon to stagger them.

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Capcom choosing to put so much effort into incorporating Luis as an AI companion in additional areas of the game seems very much like them testing their technology. This effort is just begging to be put into a Resident Evil 5 Remake, where the entire game revolves around an AI companion in solo mode who was originally notorious for being rather brain-dead. Capcom also recently updated the original RE5 to include local co-op 14 years after its release, which means they have definitely been revisiting the title lately.

In the original Resident Evil 4, Luis is mostly tied to cutscenes. The only time he is involved in gameplay is the small cabin defense scenario, and he is extremely basic in function. Sheva in Resident Evil 5 is a capable and fantastic character, but her AI at the time often left solo players frustrated by how freely she uses healing items and her tendency to get in the line of fire.

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Where Capcom goes after the Resident Evil 4 Remake is anybody’s guess. Fans have been screaming for a remake of Code Veronica, and the company has hinted at this possibility. However, Resident Evil 5 is one of the highest selling titles in the series and a great co-op experience, meaning there is definitely interest in revisiting it with modern controls and improving on its major flaws.

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