Krauser dialogue changed in Resident Evil 4 Remake to incorporate Darkside Chronicles backstory

Operation: Javier becomes solidified in the main narrative.

Image via Capcom

When Jack Krauser first entered the narrative of Resident Evil 4, long time fans of the series were a bit confused about who he was and his shoehorned past with Leon. Though the game made it clear that these two men had history, Krauser had never before been seen in the games. He takes up a large part of the later narrative in the fourth entry, however, and absolutely despises Leon for reasons we never fully get to understand. It wasn’t until a future side story in 2009’s Darkside Chronicles game that players got to see the events of their past interactions. Resident Evil 4 Remake is now solidifying the scenario of Operation: Javier into the main narrative by adding dialogue between Leon and Krauser in the course of their knife fight.

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During recent footage showing off the confrontation with Krauser, Leon pries into why his old rival would work with the Los Illuminados, and Krauser reminds him of the events from two years ago. Leon instantly recalls Operation: Javier by name, fixing the cringy and random set up for Krauser’s presence from the original game. This knife fight is their first encounter in the initial outing, and its dialogue felt like a very on the nose plot drop for the player to just go along with this new villain’s suddenly attacking Leon.

During the Operation: Javier mission in Darkside Chronicles, it is established that both Leon and Krauser were sent together by the government on a mission to stop a mad drug lord named Javier Hidalgo from unleashing the t-virus.

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A lot happens during the mission, but Krauser begins to get jealous of Leon over the course of their time together, eventually harboring extreme hatred toward what he sees as a misguided puppet. He believes the t-virus’s power is beneficial, and it places him on the path of joining Umbrella, especially after injuring his arm in the mission. This pairing has him kidnap Ashley, and then betray Wesker to gain the power of Las Plagas from Saddler.

This additional detail is just another reason to get excited for the Resident Evil 4 Remake. Capcom is going to great lengths to make sure this title takes the original masterpiece and elevates it with new Easter eggs, improved gameplay, and returning content for fans to enjoy.