Fans who miss Mike the helicopter guy may get to spend more time with him in Resident Evil 4 Remake according to devs

We never got those drinks, sweet prince.

Image via Capcom

Ask any Resident Evil fan who the most heroic and well-written character in the series is and they will all scream “Miiike!” in unison. Mike the Helicopter guy was there to help us preteens get through the tough times of gaming in the early 2000s. He showed Leon that horrifying Ganados armed to the teeth with firepower are nothing to fear as long as you have a good attitude and a never-ending hail of bullets. Mike was deeply compelling, full of charisma, and was taken from us too soon. Resident Evil 4 Remake has a chance to fill the void left in our hearts from Leon’s fleeting moments with Mike the helicopter guy, and we may just get our wish according to a recent developer question and answer session.

GameInformer sat down for a rapid-fire interview with the Resident Evil 4 Remake developers. During one of the questions, we find out that Mike the helicopter guy will have a few more appearances in the game. Now, here’s what fans know about Mike over the course of his arc thanks to the compelling narrative given to him. One, he knows a good bar. Two, we owe him drinks. Three, he’s most likely a ball of fire on the rocky shores of the island prison.

What on Earth could they possibly do to develop him further? It seems like everything that needs to be said about him is in the original game. Perhaps Leon finally gets to take him out for those drinks as our eyes shine bright from excitement (or from the embers of his charred corpse) as they reminisce about all of the Ganados they shot together.

Maybe he will land the helicopter at some point and leap out, taking off his helmet and twirling his L’Oréal hair in the dreary breeze, finally putting a face to that charismatic charm. Hopefully, he will reveal if he is from the military, the government, or just a passing stranger with a helicopter. Maybe Mike the helicopter guy never existed and is just a figment of a mind gone mad from the horrors faced over the course of the game, revealed through an emotional dream sequence Leon has after rescuing Ashley.

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When it comes down to it, we are likely only to get a few more scenes of him doing what he does best – shooting things from the sky while knowing a good bar. Resident Evil 3 Remake developers mentioned Dario getting more time in Jill’s story, and we all saw how that turned out. Whatever the outcome, we love you Mike the helicopter guy, and we haven’t forgotten that Leon still owes you those drinks.