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Resident Evil 4 Remake previews are “nailing” the blend of horror and action

There are massive changes coming to this remake.

Ahead of Capcom’s upcoming remake of the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 4, previewers have been sharing their thoughts about the gameplay for this remake. There’s no better way to portray it other than the development team behind this highly anticipated remake is “nailing” the overall design, creating a modern retelling of this game, remarking that the developers blended horror and action content for a modern audience.

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These are previews from the GameInformer team, who spent two days in Japan with Capcom playing the first and fifth chapters of the game for three hours.

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Capcom shared that they did not want to start from scratch with the remake. Instead, they wanted to focus on increasing everything about what made this survival horror game a huge success and even expand on the options for players to do.

With the Resident Evil 4 Remake being a proper retelling of this adventure, a handful of changes will make it a modern game. For example, players will have the option to carry multiple knives, and there will also be a crossbow that was included in the original game, the Bolt Thrower, that gives players more flexibility in combat.

The Capcom team also revealed that there would be side quests and activities for players to complete alongside the main story. These side quests allude to players completing fetch quests, puzzles, and much more, potentially to unlock specific items or resources.

For fans who did not enjoy taking care of the companion character, Ashley, there have been multiple adjustments to this feature. Ashley will not have a health bar. However, if she’s hit too many times, she will fall, and players need to revive her. If a player cannot get her up and she is consistently attacked while in this state, she will die. There will also be no trash cans players can throw her into to protect her, potentially making the player’s goal of protecting her less of a chore and more of a complicated balancing act alongside the action-based combat.

Significant changes are coming to the Resident Evil 4 Remake, and the Capcom team has only shared a bit of what’s to come. With the Dead Space remake already being a big hit, the Resident Evil 4 Remake team will need to come out swinging. The game arrives on March 24 to the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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