Resident Evil 4 Remake church and cemetery gameplay preview shows off stealth, new enemy type, and more

And one very bad doggo.

Image via the Resident Evil YouTube

Resident Evil 4 Remake is getting closer and closer to release, and Capcom is not wasting any time in showcasing how hard it has worked to create the definitive Resident Evil 4 experience. The remake is shaping up to be a faithful adaptation of the original game with everything fans could have hoped for mixed with some new things to keep them on their toes. The latest gameplay video preview shows off some of chapter five from the game. Leon and Ashley explore the church and cemetery while fending off Ganado, bad doggos, and cow men, oh my!

The gameplay looks very much like the original game with a complete modern overhaul. Leon can still smack around fallen enemies like they are punching bags. Players who wish to be a bit more stealthy can try to sneak up on pesky Ganado with a crouch feature that looks similar to The Last of Us.

Ashley also looks as if she will be much more involved in gameplay this time around. Players will send her off to help lower ladders, as seen in this short video. Gone are the days of ditching her in a trash bin while you mow down enemies.

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The gameplay also shows off how the new sidequests are presented, with Leon stumbling upon blue notes stuck to the wall offering objectives. One of these causes an encounter with the Remake’s infected dog enemy, which sprouts a scorpion-like appendage as it ravages Leon.

The gameplay ends with a montage from the famous cabin encounter with Luis, who seems much more dapper and charming this time around. The dialogue is remade as well, with no mention of ballistics to be had here. The fight looks as chaotic as the original, with the added sense of dread from a new enemy wielding a hammer and wearing a severed cow head over its own.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is set to launch on console and PC on March 24. It is one of the most anticipated games of the year, and the original is a classic beloved by many. This gameplay footage looks like fans will get a promising remake with added content to keep them on their toes.