Sony Confirms HDR Support For Far Cry 5 On PS4 Pro

Far Cry 5 is Ubisoft’s biggest release of 2018. The game is scheduled to launch worldwide on March 27 (Tuesday). The last-minute marketing materials of Far Cry 5 have started to appear on the internet and one of the has caught our eyes. Sony posted the following Far Cry 5 PlayStation 4 Pro marketing material on their official website and PlayStation App. The tagline on it goes perfectly with the theme of the game, here’s what it reads: “Trust, Pray, Obey in 4K on PS4 Pro”. The interesting thing to note is that the confirmation of HDR support for Far Cry 5 (it can be seen on Top Right Side corner).

Far Cry 5 To Support HDR On PS4 Pro

Sadly, we didn’t receive any update on all the PlayStation 4 Pro enhancements Far Cry 5 is going to support i.e. resolution and FPS at which the game is going to run on PS4 Pro. The best assumption we can make here in case of PS4 Pro is that Far Cry 4 is going to run at 4K resolution via checkerboard rendering technique. On Xbox One X, the game will run at 2160p, according to the details listed on the official Xbox website (check screenshots below).

far-cry-5-marketing-confirms-hdr-ps4-pro xbox-website-far-cry-5-xbox-one-x-listing-image-1.JPG xbox-website-far-cry-5-xbox-one-x-listing-image-2.JPG

In the next few days, we will have more details on the performance of Far Cry 5 on Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro via our friend at Digital Foundry. So stay tuned. As far as PC is concerned, Ubisoft has already shared PC System Requirements for the game to run at 1080p/60FPS, 4K/30FPS, and 4K/60FPS.

Source: Reddit