Felwinter’s Lie is returning to Destiny 2, so brace yourself

The fibber returns.

Sometimes a game’s update will throw you some curveballs, and Destiny 2 has delivered a doozie for veteran players. With today’s update, files appeared that reference both Felwinter’s Lie, one of the game’s most notorious Shotguns, and Shot Package, the perk that made it so deadly.

This is an unusual story, so I’m going to leave a spoiler warning here for people who don’t want surprises around upcoming content.

If you never played the original Destiny, you won’t have experienced the horror of dealing with someone who had a great roll on their Felwinter’s Lie. They would kill you a lot, using the Shot Package perk to turn it into a Sniper Rifle effectively. Shot Package would cluster all the pellets in a shot very close together, so a headshot was certain death.

[SPOILERS] API Mined – Returning weapon from Destiny 1.

Felwinter’s Lie:** Name: Felwinter’s Lie Description: “I just like the name. Doesn’t mean anything.” -Lord Felwinter to Lord Timur …

This is not to say that Destiny 2 hasn’t had some overpowered weapons in its time, but Felwinter’s Lie was the type of thing you really had to experience to understand the horror. The weapon, which was gotten through Iron Banner, was a monster, and anyone who brought it into the Crucible was a demon.

What might save us all this time around is that the Shot Package appears to be a new type of shotgun frame rather than the Shotgun itself. This hopefully means that if it is similarly powerful to the previous incarnation, it will at least have more avenues for dropping into a player’s inventory. Even better, it would seem to be tied to a quest, so it should be attainable by all players.

Now keep in mind that this is all just datamined info, and half-finished things end up in-game files all the time without ever going live. Still, it will be fun if the Felwinter’s Lie return, a nice throwback for the older Guardians out there.