FIFA 20 on Nintendo Switch is a scaled back, poorer version missing a lot of the new modes | E3 2019

Blizzard Entertainment

The Nintendo Switch’s Legacy Edition of FIFA 20 will have less content than other versions of FIFA 20.

The Nintendo Switch will be getting FIFA 20, but it will be getting the Legacy Edition version of the game, rather than the normal game. The Legacy Edition of the game is essentially the same version of the main game, though with some major differences.

FIFA 20 Legacy Edition on the Switch will benefit from roster and kit compared to FIFA 20 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; it will also lose out some modes like VOLTA. VOLTA is some short of street-level football mode. Most fans probably hoped that the Nintendo Switch will get the regular full game rather than the Legacy Edition with missing modes.

FIFA 20 will be releasing on September 27.