FIFA 20 Volta Is “Way More” Than FIFA Street

FIFA 20 Volta Is "Way More" Than FIFA Street

FIFA Street is one of those games that people are more attached with, and one of those that are more unlikely to return to their original form as standalone titles. However, this year, FIFA 20 will include a similar mode which is called Volta, complete with a story, offline and online matches of sorts.

Producer Ionel Stanescu has pointed out that this mode won’t be a simple replacement for FIFA Street, but “way more” than the original game.

“So it’s not just FIFA Street,” he told “Every year the fans they always ask and they say ‘when are you bringing back FIFA Street?’, because it was a really popular game back in the day, so now we feel like it’s the right time to bring back street football and bring back an authentic street football experience that’s rooted in authenticity. So for us Volta football is not just FIFA Street, it’s way more than that.”

“You’re gonna find this whole new universe built from the ground up on the FIFA gameplay engine and using the power of Frostbite to really bring to life street football as it means to everyone,” Stanescu added.

“I’m from Romania, I played in the streets, we didn’t have any pitches, so I relate a lot to the pitches in Amsterdam, for example, because they’re just playing in the streets with some goalposts. We really went far to create 17 unique environments that speak to the world of Volta football and to the authenticity and diversity of street football.”

So, while the original FIFA Street almost had that feeling of glamour attached to it, this time around EA Sports has been focused more on the roots of street football itself, and as an Italian who played football in the street myself, I couldn’t be more excited for that.