Final Fantasy 16 Achievement Encourages Players To Pet The Dog

Final Fantasy 16’s “goodest boy” gets an achievement, and it’s one that encourages players to show affection to their good boyo.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Break out the virtual belly rubs and squeaky toys because Final Fantasy 16 is taking the gaming world by storm with its latest achievement, and it’s all about one adorable canine companion. Torgal, the dog, has become the center of attention in the Final Fantasy universe, and players couldn’t be more thrilled.

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In a groundbreaking move with fans wagging their virtual tails in delight, Square Enix has bestowed upon gamers the ability to pet and play with Torgal in Final Fantasy 16. It’s a dream come true for dog lovers and fantasy enthusiasts alike. But here’s the icing on the doggy treat: players can unlock an achievement by showering Torgal with affectionate pets more than once.

Final Fantasy 16’s ‘Pet the Dog’ Achievement Creates Frenzy among Players

Square Enix has gone above and beyond to make the virtual dog-petting experience as delightful as possible. By approaching Torgal in friendly environments, players can hold down the X button to engage in many heartwarming interactions. From gentle pets to feeding him tasty treats and even pretending to throw a ball for him to fetch, the cuteness factor is off the charts. It’s no wonder the fandom has gone barking mad over this feature.

And speaking of the fandom, their dedication and enthusiasm for Torgal’s inclusion in Final Fantasy 16 cannot be understated. The existence of the in-game achievement aptly named “You Can Pet The Dog” is a testament to Square Enix’s acknowledgment of the overwhelming demand from fans who bombarded them with inquiries about dog-petting possibilities during the game’s publicity campaign. It seems the developers took note and decided to throw the fans a bone, or rather, a chance to pet Torgal to their heart’s content.

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Whether you’re a die-hard Final Fantasy fan, a dog lover, or just someone who enjoys an excellent virtual pat on the head, Final Fantasy 16’s achievement encouraging players to pet the dog will surely bring a smile to your face.