Final Fantasy 16 Players Split Over Demo Framerate Issues

Final Fantasy 16 fans are actively discussing the framerate drops in the game, and many are split with how they feel about it.

Image via Square Enix

Leading up to the release of Final Fantasy 16 on the PlayStation 5, fans have had the chance to check out a brief demo to hold them over until the game arrives on June 22, 2023. The demo features a short playthrough set in the early portion of the game, providing enough of a reason for many fans to pull the trigger on preordering this highly-anticipated entry in the Final Fantasy series.

However, some fans are going back and forth regarding the set framerate of the game, with fans believing it should be of higher quality. The game has been shown to push the graphics of the PlayStation 5, but some players are split on if it should be a completely 60 FPS game or not.

Final Fantasy 16 FPS Isn’t Locked, Some Fans Are Fine, But Others Demand Perfection

Image via Square Enix

The discussion kicked off on Reddit in the Final Fantasy XVI subreddit, with a fan sharing that although the framerate dropped every so often during the more chaotic scenes of the game, it was overall a perfectly enjoyable game. The user who started the thread shared that although their television was decent quality, framerate was not their primary concern.

Other Final Fantasy XVI fans who had played the demo in the subreddit also support the game’s overall performance, sharing that FPS complaints are overblown by some and have not been necessary discussions.

A handful of users have come in to share that the framerate drops, for them, were extremely noticeable. This happened when they played Final Fantasy XVI on the PlayStation 5’s Performance Mode or the Graphics Mode. Even in Performance, the players shared that the framerate dropped in multiple places, and the motion blur was a big turn-off to multiple who worked through the demo.

These discussions have appeared to dominate both Reddit and Twitter, and they have not been isolated to Final Fantasy XVI. Starfield has recently gone through some bumps as Bethesda announced that the game would be at a locked 30 FPS when it is released to consoles.

Several stepped forward on Twitter to show their support of Bethesda’s decision, including Gene Park, the games reporter for the Washington Post, who stated that “Starfield is a massively more complex game with systems upon systems running at the same time. As ign said, if Starfield actually runs at 30fps locked it would be the best performing release they’ve done.”

As we get closer to the official release of Final Fantasy 16, it all comes down to the final product. If players continue to experience issues when they have the full game, there might be more discussions about the notable framerate drop. Right now, there are only minor issues, but the overall reception to the demo has been extremely positive, and many fans are eager to see the full story for themselves.