Final Fantasy XIV x Final Fantasy XVI Collaboration, Explained

Final Fantasy XIV will soon be crossing over with Final Fantasy XVI, bringing new monsters and mounts into the MMO.

Warrior of Light from FF14 fighting Eikon Ifrit variant

Image Via Square Enix

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XIV will feature a Final Fantasy XVI crossover in the run-up to the Dawntrail expansion. This event will bring familiar monsters and loot from FF16 into FFXIV, including a fight with Ifrit and mounts based on Torgal.

A crossover between Final Fantasy XIV and FF16 might be the least surprising reveal Square Enix could have made because they were both developed by Square Enix’s Creative Business Unit III, with Naoki Yoshida as a key figure in each project. As such, Yoshida would be interested in bringing his two babies together for a crossover.

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Final Fantasy XIV’s “The Path Infernal” FF16 Crossover Content

Image Via. Square Enix

The FF16 crossover event in Final Fantasy XIV was originally revealed during the 2023 London Fan Festival. The event will be called “The Path Infernal,” and it will be released as part of the 6. x series of patches in the run-up to Dawntrail.

Boss Battle

The Path of the Infernal will feature a boss battle against the Eikon version of Ifrit from FF16, with the Warrior of Light teaming up with Clive Rosenfield, who has arrived in Eorzea on some mysterious mission. Not only will players be able to fight alongside Clive, but there will be loot and glamors based on his aesthetic from FF16, allowing you to deck your Warrior of Light out in the garb of one of the coolest-looking Final Fantasy characters in years.

Torgal Mount

The most exciting reveal of the crossover is that Torgal, the best of boys from FF16, will be available as a Mount in his adult form (with special petting animation) and as a Minion in his puppy form. FF14 has many cool mounts, but Torgal will beat them all with his adorable glory.

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Final Fantasy XIV’s “The Path Infernal” FF16 Crossover Release Date

There’s no release date for The Path of the Infernal crossover in FF14, but it’s intended to be released before Dawntrail, meaning it should come out before summer 2024. If Square Enix doesn’t delay the DLC, fans will be petting Torgal and smiting Ifrit in the space of a year.