All easter eggs in the Final Fantasy 7 Power Wash Simulator DLC

It’s time to clean the easter eggs in Midgar.

Final Fantasy VII Shinra Building in PowerWash Simulator

Image Via FuturLabs

The Midgar Pack is now available in PowerWash Simulator, allowing fans to clean Final Fantasy VII Remake’s locations, robots, and vehicles, including Shinra Headquarters, Scorpion Sentinel, and Cloud’s Hardy-Daytona motorcycle. The PowerWash Simulator developers included some Final Fantasy VII Remake easter eggs in their DLC, some of which wouldn’t be obvious at first glance.

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Cloud & Barret’s iconic weapons are in Seventh Heaven

The Buster Sword & Gatling Gun in PowerWash Simulator
Screenshot Via Gamepur

Like how the previous PowerWash Simulator DLC let players explore Lara Croft’s Mansion, the Midgar Pack features the Seventh Heaven bar, allowing players to clean one of the most famous locations in the series. It’s here where the best easter eggs are found, and the most obvious ones can be seen strewn around the bar.

Tifa Lockhart contacts the player via text message in this stage, and she asks them to clean Cloud’s iconic Buster Sword, which is propped against the bar, and Barret’s Gatling Gun, which has been left on a table. Both characters use these weapons at the start of the game, with Cloud’s being one of the most famous swords in video game history, so it’s not surprising to see it make a cameo in PowerWash Simulator.

The Advent Children pictures are in Seventh Heaven

Advent Children FF7 pictures in PowerWash Simulator
Screenshot Via Gamepur

The Seventh Heaven bar retains some easter eggs originally from Final Fantasy VII Remake, namely the Advent Children photos. These are pictures showing the version of the Seventh Heaven bar in the Final Fantasy VII sequel movie, as well as a picture of Denzel, Marlene, and one of their friends. The presence of these photos is an anachronism, as these events haven’t happened yet, and likely won’t happen, as the ending of Final Fantasy VII Remake confirms that the story is going in a new direction.

The start of Final Fantasy VII Remake happens during PowerWash Simulator

Final Fantasy VII Remake Shinra Building in PowerWash Simulator
Screenshot Via Gamepur

PowerWash Simulator isn’t known for its stellar soundtrack. In fact, the only noise the player is likely to hear throughout the game is the endless sound of rushing water, which is why it’s best played while muted. Luckily, PowerWash Simulator is an excellent game for listening to podcasts, so cutting out the audio isn’t a huge issue.

The Midgar Pack throws out this approach, as the player will miss out if the sound is turned down in the fourth stage when they’re tasked with cleaning the replica of Midgar in Shinra Headquarters. Around the 80% completion mark, a loud explosion will play, and Reeve will contact the player in a panic, talking about an incident at Mako Reactor 1.

Reeve’s comment and Tifa’s text messages in the Seventh Heaven stage hint that the fourth stage in PowerWash Simulator is happening alongside the beginning of Final Fantasy VII Remake. This is because Cloud and the members of Avalanche destroy Mako Reactor 1 in the opening stage, though in Final Fantasy VII Remake, it’s the Shinra Corporation executives that ensure the mission is a success by blowing it up themselves.

The retro PS1 Seventh Heaven is in a photo

Seventh Heaven PS1 pictures in PowerWash Simulator
Screenshot Via Gamepur

The Seventh Heaven bar doesn’t just include references to the future of Final Fantasy VII that will never come to pass, as photos show a different version of the timeline. Two dusty photos are high up at the back of the bar and are best reached using the ladder. If the player cleans the muck off these pictures, then they’ll see the interior and exterior field maps of the Seventh Heaven bar, as it appeared in the original Final Fantasy VII.

These photos are another holdover from Final Fantasy VII Remake, as they also appear in that game, though the photo mode in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is the best way to see them. It’s great to see them included in PowerWash Simulator, as they show the classic game from twenty-five years ago, which is now being recreated in 3D form, with a world that needs cleaning.