Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis aims to release before the end of September

Coming to mobile devices possibly sooner then believed.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

Image via Square Enix

Looks like we have a better idea of when Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is releasing this year, as the developer is aiming to release the game before the end of September. This is according to CyberAgent, which owns the developer working on the mobile title. During a second-quarter financial results CyberAgent founder, Susumu Fujita revealed the game would release sometime during its financial year, ending on September 30 of this year. This news comes thanks to

Ever Crisis is an upcoming episodic, free-to-play mobile title that is set to re-imagine the Final Fantasy VII Compilation series. It’s not adapting the 2020 remake players know but the original 1997 game and more. The episodic game won’t just feature an adapted Final Fantasy VII but will include other entries like the CG movie Advent Children, Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus, and even Before Crisis; which has been exclusive to Japan until now.

Ever Crisis will use character art in the dialogue in a much more impressive 3D art style compared to the original game but nowhere near the remake’s level. Getting into the mobile-focused gameplay, Ever Crisis will feature the Active Time Battle and Materia system that looks very reminiscent of the remake but more downscaled with pre-rendered backgrounds.

The first chapter of Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is set release on iOS and Android devices later this year. The free-to-play title will offer gacha elements in the game via random selections of weapons and costumes. No word yet on if other platform releases are in the work.