Find the secret egg in Core Keeper’s time-limited event, The Great Egg Hunt

The Great Egg Hunt is the game’s first-ever seasonal event.


Image via Pugstorm

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Pugstorm and Fireshine Games have announced the first seasonal event inĀ Core Keeper. The Great Egg Hunt is a week-long event in which players will have the chance to find secret eggs around the open sandbox world.

The Great Egg Hunt begins today and ends on April 19. Until then, players can locate various secret eggs in the world and gather them in their bases. Eventually, they can craft the elusive Golden Egg if they find enough secret eggs. This is an item that players can permanently keep in their bases.

That’s not all, though. The Golden Egg has a few secret uses, but players need to discover them for themselves by placing the object around their bases in all sorts of combinations with other items, such as podiums. The right combinations will unlock bonuses, but they need to be discovered organically.

Image via Pugstorm

This initial seasonal event is just a hint of what’s to come. Pugstorm is eagerly working away on the game’s first major content update, which will add much more than a few Easter-themed items when it finally comes out. But, for now, this is something new for players to pour their time into while they wait for the new slew of content that’s right around the corner.