Fire Emblem Engage’s best new character is a money-pooping pettable dog

You can’t be picky when you need money.

Image via Nintendo

Companions are an essential aspect of every RPG, and the latest trailer for Fire Emblem Engage highlights several mechanics within the game, along with how you’ll spend time with your allies. One of the smaller companions you can find in Fire Emblem Engage is a small dog — and for some reason, money falls out of it when you pet it. The dog performs an animation that could only be interpreted as defecating money for you to use to enhance your gear and equipment.

This happens roughly at timestamp 4:17 in the gameplay trailer, where we see footage of the creature, also known as Somi, in action. Right now, the trailer is only available in Japanese, but we should expect to see an English version arriving within the next few days, certainly before the game releases on January 20, 2023.

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Somi will be located somewhere in the large base that will act as your hub, also known as Somniel. This will be the primary location players will spend their time training with their companions before a battle, increasing various bonds with allies, and earning several rewards. Somi is a companion you can find while playing through the main story. Not only will it give you money, but the creature is expected to offer other rewards, such as Bond Fragments that you can use on Bond Rings or various Emblems.

Not much else is known about Somi, but we see a heart meter on the bottom right of the screen when the player character pets it. This could mean players need to visit Somi each time they visit Somniel to increase their friendship with it, potentially earning more rewards as this meter goes up.

Screenshot via Nintendo YouTube

The casualness of Somi ejecting money and other rewards in this matter might seem strange in some games, but for the Fire Emblem series, it’s another tool players need to take advantage of to prepare for the tough battles ahead. We’ll be able to visit Somi when Fire Emblem Engage releases to the Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.