Footage from a canceled Dead Rising 5 has risen from the grave

No rising for these dead, sadly.

Image via Xbox

The Dead Rising franchise is the perfect example to show that a developer can actually compete with itself and still offer something fresh and unique. Capcom is queen bee in the zombie genre, with the Resident Evil series being their pièce de résistance. Introducing another title from the same genre into the mix and succeeding is a rare success that most companies would avoid. Dead Rising is well-loved by fans, and they have been clamoring for more since 2016’s Dead Rising 4. Dead Rising 5 was in development for a notable amount of time before being canceled, but fans can now reminisce about what might have been with fresh footage and images from the doomed fifth outing.

Images were uploaded to Twitter recently showing off different aspects of Dead Rising 5 during its initial development. These images are from a developer portfolio who worked on the project at Capcom Vancouver. This particular developer even lists off a few of the major changes that would have come with the title.

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A video on his page shows off a loot container system that would allow the developers to contextualize different drops throughout the environment instead of just having them strewn all over the ground. Through the design work, we get a glimpse into the setting for the game as well. This includes an island map complete with a Mayan Temple, Hotel, and Safehouse that eventually pits the player against a drug lord with an electrified metal arm named “El Guapo.”

Dead Rising 5 was in development from 2016 to 2018, but got canceled with the closure of Capcom Vancouver. It was being made in Unreal Engine and was said to take place between Dead Rising 2 and 3 during Day of the Dead in Mexico. This title may no longer live, but fans agree that it might be time to let the franchise rise from the grave again.