When is the release date for Dead Island 2? Answered

Dead Island is back.

Image via Deep Silver

It has been some time since the re-announcement for Dead Island 2, which was originally announced in 2014. The sequel for the notorious zombie-slaying game has been in the dark for a while, but both a CGI and gameplay trailer were shown last year to give fans their first look at the game in a long time. The release date was originally aimed for late April, 2023, and fans anticipated another delay announcement coming soon. Instead, they were greeted with the wonderful gift of Dead Island 2 launching a week early on April 21.

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What is Dead Island 2’s launch date?

While initially setting a launch date of April 28, Dead Island 2 has done something extremely rare by committing to moving the date up instead of back. The game will be on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and the Epic Game Store. You can pre-order the game via your local retailer or on digital storefronts.

The first Dead Island game had well-known marketing that painted the game to be more serious than it ended up being. The announcement trailer for Dead Island 1 features a harrowing tale of a family slowly succumbing to a zombie outbreak while vacationing on the island of Banoi. The trailer received praise for being effective marketing, but it did not reflect what the game ended up being. The original Dead Island was more silly than the trailer made it out to be, with over-the-top zombie slaying taking the place of a harrowing story. The first game took place on the fictional island of Banoi, while Dead Island 2 will take place in California.

The CGI trailer for Dead Island 2 does not hide the game under the pretense of a serious drama. Instead, the trailer openly shows how absurd and silly the game will be. It features an unnamed man wandering the streets of California, killing zombies in incredibly violent and creative ways. The man has a smirk on his face, and his situation is not treated with any gravitas. Techland, who worked on the first game, is not developing Dead Island 2; the game is instead being developed by Dambuster Studio and Deep Silver.