Former GTA producer lifts the lid on new project Everywhere

It’s a bit of everything.

Image via Everywhere YouTube

After being revealed at Gamescom last year with little to no information, developers Build a Rocket Boy, headed by former GTA producer Leslie Benzies, has unveiled new details on their ambitious project Everywhere. This social gaming platform/game/creation tool, will have an episodic story focussed project called MindsEye, which will be exclusively available to play within Everywhere. It’s a game within a game.

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Of these two projects, we currently know the most about Everywhere. This new free-to-play MMO-like game acts more like a platform or some form of a metaverse but without the NFT or Crypto rubbish. It combines elements like social hubs and creative mode tools that can be seen in titles such as Fortnite and Roblox, and blends them into one. It takes place in a world called Utropia, a vast space where you and other players can explore and access multiple hubs that offer up different kinds of gameplay. These include the shooter and racing genre, areas dedicated to shopping for new avatar customization and user-created content, and an entertainment district consisting of galleries and a cinema. There will also be four biomes to explore themed around a forest, grassland, lava fields, and a desert.

The big focus for Everywhere is its creation tools, named ARC-adia. Similar to Fortnite’s recently announced Creative 2.0, it will allow players to create projects within Everywhere for players to experience, ranging from simple social spaces or full games with varied and complicated mechanics. It will feature pre-made and blank components that can be edited with triggers and rules to create different gameplay. Your creations can also all be linked to other players’ levels and projects via portals, allowing for collaboration between players to build massive projects.

The other project that will release within Everywhere, MindsEye, is described as a cinematic story thriller that will come out episodically and will work into a larger story that will span different genres, time periods, and areas. Aside from a short teaser trailer, we don’t know much about the game, only that it is described as a triple-A experience and will be a more polished offering within Everywhere, with full performance capture and resources.

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If this all sounds confusing and overly ambitious, that’s because it is. It seems like Everywhere is taking a bit of everything and mixing it into this strange new beast. It’s a social hub, metaverse-like experience, but it also wants to provide triple-A experiences and content. Whether or not it works and is worth the gamble remains to be seen, but it’s undoubtedly one of the most unique gaming experiences we will see anytime soon, if you can call it that.