Fuecoco’s final evolution might have leaked for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

What will Fuecoco look like at the end of your journey?

Screenshot via The Pokemon Company YouTube

Leading up to the official release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, there have been a handful of leaks sharing details about the game before it arrived to players on November 18. Some of these leaks have been proven truthful following trailers and screenshots shared by the Pokémon Company. We might also have the final evolution for Fuecoco, the Fire-type starter Pokémon, and what it will become when it reaches a high enough level.

Multiple screenshots are shared by what looks to be in-game images from Scarlet and Violet. In it, we see a giant crocodile creature, similar in coloring and flames to Fuecoco’s. The name of this Pokémon, Skeledirge, appears to be this Pokéon’s final evolution. It has a long set of fire on the back of its neck, and it looks like a proper-sized crocodile, which would be a suitable final form for Fuecoco.

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Many players theorized this could be what Fuecoco’s final form would become, and we have our confirmation if these screenshots are real. We don’t imagine these images will stay up on Twitter for long, but they will likely make the rounds in the next few days before Scarlet and Violet releases to fans. We do not know the typing of this Pokémon, but some believe it will be a Fire and Ghost-type Pokémon, similar to the Hisuian Typhlosion that was released for Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

This leaker also shared images of what appears to be the final evolution of the Paldean Wooper, a creature called Clodsire, which is swimming in a small pond with other Wooper.

We can expect more leaks like this to happen in the next few days. Fans eager to select their starting Pokémon might be using them to make an informed decision about which they should pick. However, we do not have any confirmation that these images are authentic, and we must take this information with a grain of salt. Unfortunately, we do not have the game in front of us to confirm it.