Gamers, companies pull out of EVO Online after accusations against co-founder

Mortal Kombat, among other fighters will not be played at EVO online.

Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath

Image via Warner Bros. Interactive

Earlier in the week, EVO co-founder and president Joey Cuellar faced allegations of sexual abuse, about a group of underage boys in the late 1990s. This has now lead to a collection of fighting game developers and competitors opting out of this year’s EVO online event, which is scheduled to begin on July 4.
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Since the allegations caught media attention, NetherRealm and Capcom have stated on Twitter that they stand against the abuse, both deciding to pull their games from the event, in result. Their decisions to step away from this year’s competition come after several major gamers, like Dominique “SonicFox” McLean, tweeted their support for victims and withdrew themselves out of the contest. Evo also took to the social media platform to address the scandal and to announce Cuellar had been placed on administrative leave.

The event holder has not yet given information on how the removal of these games will affect the event. As for Cuellar, he wrote an admission to the allegations on social media.