Get ready to clean up Midgar with PowerWash Simulator’s new Final Fantasy VII DLC

Hose down some of the series of iconic places and objects.

PowerWash Simulator cover art

Image Via Square Enix

PowerWash Simulator has been a hit with players, streamers, and content creators, and continues to grow in popularity. Now, thanks to publisher Square Enix, players will soon get the chance to get up close and personal with some iconic places and objects from the Final Fantasy VII universe and give them a good scrub down with the announcement of The Midgar Special Pack.

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The DLC was announced today via the Square Enix EXTREME EDGES Twitter and gave players some details on what to expect from this new DLC. While we currently have no word on a release date, we do know that the new missions will include Cloud’s iconic Hardy-Daytona motorbike, Tifa’s Seventh Heaven bar, and the first main boss of the game, the red terror Guardian Scorpion. The content will be free to all players who own the game.

This will be the second free DLC for the PowerWash Simulator, with the first being the former Square Enix property Tomb Raider, which launched today alongside the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch versions of the game. The Tomb Raider DLC sees players suit up and clear down the Croft Manor and a host of items and objects from across the series’ history across multiple missions. We imagine players will have plenty of easter eggs and nods to the series hidden in the dirt and grime, so it will be worth exploring every nook and carny and cleaning everything in sight to find them.

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Given that Square Enix publishes both Final Fantasy VII and PowerWash Simulator and, previously, Tomb Raider, it’s not unlikely we could see other collaborations between these properties in the future — perhaps a Kingdom Hearts or a Star Ocean DLC, or maybe branching out into other franchises from different companies.