Is PowerWash Simulator cross platform/crossplay?

Can players on different platforms clean up together in PowerWash Simulator?

PowerWash Simulator cover art

Image Via Square Enix

PowerWash Simulator is making the jump to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch, which means more people than ever before will be cleaning virtual buildings. Fortunately, the zen experience of slowly scrubbing dirt from surfaces is one that can be enjoyed with other people, as PowerWash Simulator has multiplayer modes. Considering that PowerWash Simulator already has crossplay on its PC and Xbox versions, will it have the feature across the board?

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Does PowerWash Simulator have cross platform/crossplay?

Tomb Raider's Croft Mansion in PowerWash Simulator
Image Via FuturLab

The Xbox and Windows/Steam versions of PowerWash Simulator have had crossplay with each other since launch. Sadly, according to the FuturLab website, the upcoming Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5 versions of the game won’t have crossplay at all. Those versions will still have the multiplayer modes, but they’re restricted to people who own the game on the same platform.

It’s a shame that PowerWash Simulator doesn’t have crossplay across all platforms, especially as this is an instance where hardware compatibility shouldn’t be a factor. PowerWash Simulator is a game about slowly blasting dirt off of objects with a high-pressure water gun, so it’s not exactly a graphical beast that benefits from ray tracing. The Nintendo Switch and the previous console generation shouldn’t be holding things back in this instance, so it’s unclear why crossplay isn’t part of the new ports of the game. That said, it is a lot of dirt you’re cleaning. Desyncing issues could be the culprit here, though we can’t say for sure without official word from FuturLab.

The Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5 versions of PowerWash Simulator will launch on January 31 — the same day that all versions of PowerWash Simulator will receive the Tomb Raider Special Pack, adding Croft Mansion to the game. The Tomb Raider Special Pack is adding a mini-campaign to the game, bringing five new levels for people to clean. PowerWash Simulator is set to receive more post-launch content in the future, though there is currently no release window or roadmap available.