Ghost of Tsushima gets a new release date on PlayStation Canada website

Could this be hinting at a delay?

PlayStation Canada website has changed Ghost of Tsushima release date, sparking rumors of a possible delay.

The release date applied on the official website is Aug. 1, 2020, while the game is expected to launch on Jun. 26. 

The date itself is seemingly a placeholder, as it’s a Saturday – a day when games don’t usually release in physical boxes nor digitally.

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However, the fact that Sony is working around the release date is suspicious in itself and could be hinting at the publisher preparing announcements on the topic anytime soon.

Recently, the Japanese platform owner talked about the possible delays to its PlayStation 4 first-party exclusives due to logistical issues resulting from the COVID-19 emergency.

The Last of Us Part II and Marvel’s Iron Man VR have been postponed indefinitely, and still don’t have new release dates.

With Ghost of Tsushima releasing in June, there’s a chance it could be involved in this process of re-evaluation of release dates as well, even though only by a little as the placeholder is reporting an August launch date.

While games’ releases might be in danger, PS5 is still reportedly launching by the end of 2020, even though with limited output.