Ghost Ship Games reveals the Robot Rebellion cosmetic pack for Deep Rock Galactic Season 2

Rebel against the robotic menace.


Screenshot via Ghost Ship Games’ YouTube channel

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Developer Ghost Ship Games recently confirmed the release date of Deep Rock Galactic Season 2. With the release of the new season roughly a month away, we’ve had our first glimpse of a new paid cosmetic pack that will be added to the game: the Robot Rebellion Pack.

Deep Rock Galactic’s cosmetic packs have always been an additional route for players to support the game’s development. Unlike Performance Pass cosmetics, packs unlock a set of new outfits for all classes. The pack will likely be priced similarly to others at $7.99/£5.99. They are completely optional, of course, and offer no gameplay advantages.

In Deep Rock Galactic Season 2, players will face new threats when they head out on jobs. While rival companies have always used machines to impede your action, there’s now a genuine robotic threat that will be attempting to kill you and steal the precious minerals you’re gathering.

This new season promises to give lapsed players a reason to return and offer those who have played regularly over the last couple of years something new to sink their teeth into. A new Performance Pass offers dozens of cosmetics to earn, and new challenges will be added to the game to give you more achievements to chase.