Godfall’s launch trailer shows off combat that looks smoother than ever

Are you ready?


Godfall has had an unusual journey to launch. Initially mired in the uncertainty of the PlayStation 5 release date mystery, the hype machine has been slowly ramping up ever since the November 12 release date was revealed.

The new launch trailer heats things up just a little more, showing off combat that is, so far, the best looking we have seen from Godfall. We will not lie, we have quite hyped about this game, and also a little apprehensive about how combat looked in previous trailers. After watching the smooth slides, counters, and combos on display in this new trailer, we are just fully hyped.

For those not in the know, Godfall is a looter-slasher that will be making its way to the PlayStation 5 and PC via the Epic Games Store on November 12. The game is made by Counterplay Games, the studio behind the fantastic collection card game Duelyst, which sadly shut down earlier this year after a four-year run. As someone who developed a disconcerting addiction to Duelyst, I have been incredibly interested to see what the minds who designed it do with a more action-oriented game.

In the trailer, we see all sorts of light shows play out while booming voices let us know that some really serious things are going down between very powerful people. Godfall is offering large people in intricate armor, a range of weapons and abilities, and vague reasons to stab things in the head, which is all we need to dive in feet first.

What has really stood out about the game is that it looks better every time we see it. The graphics look sleeker, the combat looks smoother and more refined. As a looter-slasher, it will live or die based on how that combat feels, and it has to be said, things are looking good so far.

We’ll be suiting up and finding the largest sword our characters can possibly hold as explore the game’s world and story when it launches, so stay tuned for further thoughts on one of the games leading the charge into the next generation of gaming.