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Greg Street, executive producer of Riot Games’ League of Legends MMO, steps down

Ghostcrawler exits the stage.

Riot Games’ League of Legends MMO currently in development is losing a very important person today. Greg Street, better known to the MMO world as Ghostcrawler, is stepping down as executive producer of the upcoming title. Street worked as a lead systems designer for World of Warcraft before leaving the company for Riot Games back in 2013. The famous WoW developer has officially announced his departure from Riot Games in a series of tweets explaining his reasoning for leaving the company.

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Greg Street has cited a combination of personal and professional reasons for his departure, explaining that his family received some devastating personal losses last year and he wants to focus more on his surviving relatives. He stresses that the League of Legends MMO is still going well and is in good hands moving forward.

Street plans to continue his career in game development and has already had a number of exciting opportunities presented to him. He still has every intention to play the Riot MMO when it releases. Several prominent Blizzard and Riot employees, including president Mike Ybarra, have wished Greg well in his future endeavors.

Ghostcrawler rose to fame within the MMO world for being a prominent face within the World of Warcraft community while he was a developer on the game. He was very vocal in responding to feedback and player concerns, often taking to social media to interact with fans.

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It is unknown what the status of the League of Legends MMO is currently, but the project has been in the works for a few years now. With the popularity of Arcane, fans are chomping at the bits to experience the world that Riot Games has created in a whole new genre. Street will be a missed presence on the progress of the game moving forward.

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