GTA Online Adds New King Of The Hill Mode

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If you’ve spent any time in Rockstar’s world of Los Santos, you’ll know since it’s barren inception, GTA Online has grown into a sprawling, epic experience. There’s so much to do that it can, at times, be a little daunting.

After all, with so many missions and races and illegal businesses to participate in, it’s not as if GTA Online doesn’t have enough to keep you occupied. However, it won’t stop Rockstar from giving you brand new areas to play around online.

This week sees the launch of the new King of the Hill Mode. Teams of 2-4 players find themselves deposited in one of seven different maps that span GTA Online‘s world. Their objective is to be the one who holds the higher ground for the longest time.

Load up your guns and see if you can survive the onslaught. These arenas feature up to 16 players waging war to get crowned the King of the Hill.

If you jump into the fray this week, then you’ll get Double GTA$ and Double RP through Oct. 16. You’ll have to be quick as, with today being Thursday, there are only three days left for you to take advantage of this offer.

And don’t forget to keep an eye out on Gamepur tomorrow for the full Weekley Update. The update is going to bring you all the information on the new items, goodies, vehicles, and discounts that you can expect to get from Oct. 11 to the 16.