Halo Infinite launch trailer shows off the campaign, teases “the biggest Halo ever”

Time to finish the fight once more.

Screenshot via Xbox YouTube

Xbox unveiled the official launch trailer for Halo Infinite on Tuesday ahead of the game’s full launch on December 8. The trailer focused heavily on Infinite’s campaign, featuring a sizzle reel of the Master Chief fighting against the Banished to avert galactic catastrophe.

Escharum, a character first introduced in Halo Infinite’s oft-maligned 2020 gameplay reveal, is once again established as one of the main villains Chief will have to face, but the trailer also offered glimpses at some other adversaries. At one point, an armored, floating being launches Chief with a powerful blast; a menacing Elite equipped with a red Energy Sword alongside a shorter energy-based weapon is also teased towards the end of the trailer.

The trailer also offered insight regarding the campaign’s scale. Billed as “the biggest Halo ever,” Master Chief is shown exploring the game’s setting in a variety of ways. At one point, he flies above an enemy outpost and fires off a few shots from the air before ditching his ride to seamlessly transition into ground combat. Other vehicles, including the series’ classic Scorpion tank, were also on display. The takeaway here seems to be that not only is the game’s setting massive, but the array of tools you have look to be as well.

Halo Infinite’s campaign doesn’t launch until December 8, but you can play its multiplayer right now. The game’s free-to-play multiplayer component shadow-dropped earlier this month, and it has been quite a hit with fans. That said, it has also been criticized for its Battle Pass progression issues — something developer 343 Industries is actively working to address.