Halo Infinite progression improves with significant daily XP rewards

One step at a time.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Following a mostly successful beta launch, the Halo Infinite multiplayer hasn’t completely escaped criticism. From an influx of cheaters to slow Battle Pass progression and limited customization, 343 Industries’ latest entry shows room for improvement. Beginning soon, though, that Battle Pass grind will be a little more manageable

According to 343 community manager John Junyszek, a new series of XP rewards will be implemented for the first six matches of each day. The first match will award 300 XP. The following two matches will grant 200 XP, with the final three matches after that netting 100 XP. Every match after this will continue to award the current bonus of 50 XP per game. This update goes live tomorrow morning.

The initial 50 XP daily bonuses were added over a week ago as the first step of a much larger push toward improving the Halo Infinite multiplayer experience. While Halo Infinite gained positive attention over the original announcement of its Battle Pass system, with Battle Passes that never expire, its execution of said system has left a lot to be desired. Fans continue to criticize the current rate of multiplayer progression, but it is speeding up. We’ve already seen noteworthy changes in only two weeks.