Halo Infinite’s full menu leaks in video

No campaign spoilers.

Screenshot by Gamepur via Halo YouTube

It appears some players have found a way to access Halo Infinite’s entire menu during the game’s second multiplayer technical preview. While players should only be able to access a limited set of menu options relevant to the latest flight, a few testers have discovered how to tap into the full menu in the backend.

A four-minute video posted by user SyncSoft on Reddit (sourced from two separate videos by Rigtoofen on Twitter) showcases the entire feature set of Halo Infinite’s menu. Viewers will immediately notice that options for Campaign, Custom Game, and Forge have been added under the Play tab, whereas Multiplayer and Academy are the only options available during the preview.

Opening the Campaign reveals four slots for Mission loads. After pressing Load Game, a notification on the right states, “No Skulls collected,” which indicates that Skulls will return as collectible score and gameplay modifiers in Halo Infinite. This reinforces information gleaned from screenshots back in August that listed 13 Skulls available in the Campaign. The player also attempts to load into the Campaign, but after the classic timer ticks down to zero, nothing happens.

A rundown of the Custom Games submenu shows an extensive array of editing and file sharing options, as well as a lobby size that maxes out at a staggering 28 players. Though the Customize tab is already accessible in the preview, the full menu reveals emblem options for your Spartan, weapons, and vehicles. Weapons can also be outfitted with Charms, while Armor will have effect options similar to those in Halo: Reach.

The Spartan ID section—currently grayed out in the second tech preview—reveals options for players to customize their Service Tag, voice (eight options listed), nameplate (along with its color palette and backdrop), and Spartan stance. Lastly, the Community tab’s menu acts as a hub for players to view and share their Halo creations. Theater mode makes a return, along with sections for Popular Modes, Popular Maps, My Bookmarks, and My Files. Many of these tabs are currently content-incomplete, with placeholder images for the 12 results that appear in Popular Modes.

Given Forge mode’s delayed status, it’s unclear exactly how much of the menu will be available at launch. It looks as though players have a lot to look forward to, however, once all of Halo Infinite’s content is fully fleshed out.