Will Halo Infinite have a Forge mode?

Do you have a favorite map?


Image via 343 Industries

Several game modes are iconic to the Halo franchise. One of the more notable games for Halo fans is the Forge mode. Initially released for Halo 3, Forge mode is where players could go into any of the available multiplayer maps to customize them to save and share them with other players online. Many of the more creative maps are shared, and players could host others to try them out. Will Forge mode be returning in Halo Infinite?

It has been confirmed by the development team that Forge mode will be available in Halo Infinite. You can have the option to jump into any multiplayer maps to play around with them and come up with any insane modifications you can conjure. If you want to tweak how certain players spawn in, make it more difficult to battle each other, or make an obstacle course, you’ll be able to do all that from Forge mode. The best part is being able to share all of them with friends or other Halo Infinite players.

Unfortunately, Forge mode is not releasing on the same day as Halo Infinite. The development team at 343 Industries has detailed that because of the stress of COVID-19 and trying to get the main Halo Infinite game out at an appropriate time, Forge mode is coming later in Halo Infinite’s development cycle. Therefore, we can expect it to release during season three of Halo Infinite.

Before Forge mode releases, Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op mode will come out during season two. Each season in Halo Infinite is expected to last three months.