Hardcore Harry Potter Fans Speak Out About Broken Spells & Canon Inconsistencies

But what color is Stupefy actually?

Image via Avalanche Software

Hogwarts Legacy is still going strong, especially as it comes out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The community continues to be full of discourse and lately, it has been about the differences in spells between the video game and Harry Potter movies. As expected from a fanbase this dedicated, they have some thoughts.

Fans have been discussing spells in the Hogwarts Legacy game and how they seem to not match up to what they are in the movies. This is an intriguing observation and the discussion between diehard fans about the inconsistencies is sure to entice any Harry Potter fan. Some fans involved in the discussion have even gone as far as saying Hogwarts Legacy isn’t canon.

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Hogwarts Legacy Isn’t Canon To Harry Potter Diehard Fans

In a lengthy Reddit post, a Harry Potter fan expresses how many spells in Hogwarts Legacy are broken or not accurate. One comment is that Stupefy is supposed to be a red jet of magic, however, it is blue in the game except in the cutscenes where it appears red as it should. This is definitely something that many fans have noticed and it is unclear whether the developers did it for a reason or just didn’t notice such a change.

However, another Redditor mentions how in the movies Stupefy was actually white. This brings up the question of, what color is Stupefy actually supposed to be. The discussions on Reddit continue to go down a rabbit hole of questioning and studying what spells are what colors and how often the color are inconsistent throughout the franchise’s published content.

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It’s obvious that these fans are very serious about things like spell colors being the same, even enough to have delved deep into the lore to see exactly what Stupefy should look like. That said, while there might be some inconsistencies, Hogwarts Legacy is still the Harry Potter game to play.