The 10 best talents in Hogwarts Legacy

What talents should you grab as you play Hogwarts Legacy?

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You can select multiple talents as you progress through Hogwarts Legacy, which will provide multiple passive benefits to your character as they play. These are extremely useful in making your character more powerful and give you a chance to access some unique abilities in and out of combat. This guide will cover the 10 best talents you can grab in Hogwarts Legacy.

The 10 talents you need to get in Hogwarts Legacy

Avada Kedavra Mastery

For those who regularly use the Avada Kedavra curse and regularly curse other enemies during battle, this is an outstanding passive to add to your arsenal. You can only use the Avada Kedavra spell every so often, and if you have this on your character, any cursed enemy also shares the same fate as the person you hit with this attack, making it far more widespread and useful.

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Confringo Mastery

You’ll often be outnumbered in a fight while playing Hogwarts Legacy. As such, Confringo Mastery has it so that when you land the spell against an opponent, several smaller fireballs branch out from this foe and seek out other enemies in the area. This is a good way to make sure that you can clear an area far more effectively and sever enemies will be hit by the on-fire effects.

Glacius Mastery

Glacius is another powerful spell that will stop enemies in their tracks for a short time. With Glacius Mastery, if you ever hit an enemy while stuck in Glacius, you can send out ice shards to damage other nearby enemies. This forces you to be careful with your placement of the spell, ensuring that you hit a target near other enemies for maximum effectiveness.

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If you regularly use items in combat, the Mandrake is extremely effective in stunning enemies for a brief time. However, the Headache talent causes these effects to last longer, which is always helpful when you’re in a fight.

Human Demiguise

For those who regularly like to sneak around while playing Hogwarts Legacy, the Human Demiguise makes it harder for enemies to locate you while you’re hidden. It never hurts to get the drop on enemies and find the proper placement before starting a fight.

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Imperio Mastery

The Imperio Mastery is for those who actively use the Imperio curse in combat. When you use this curse, you’ll be controlling an enemy for a short time. Imperio Mastery has it so any foe the controlled character hits with their spells will get the Curse status effect, which can be helpful if you’re also using the Avada Kedavra Mastery Talent.


The Noxious talent has it, so when you use a Venomous Tentacula in combat, this plant will deal extra damage and break the shields of foes they hit. This can be extremely effective, especially in the harder difficulties of Hogwarts Legacy where enemies regularly use shields to protect themselves from spells.

Pertrificus Totalus Mastery

The Pertrificus Totalus Mastery is an effective talent to grab alongside the Human Demiguise one. This talent has it so when you use Pertrificus Totalus on an unsuspecting enemy it works on several foes that are nearby, giving you a chance to take out multiple enemies at the same time, rather than only taking out a single target. We cannot recommend this talent enough.

Protego Expertise

Protego is a regularly used block spell that nearly every player in Hogwarts Legacy will use. With Protego Expertise, when you block a bit and land a Perfect Protego, you’re going to send two projectiles back at enemies rather than the one. Therefore, you need to make sure you land a Perfect Protego counterattack, which can take some time to effectively hit.

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Stupefy Mastery

The final talent we’re going to recommend is the Stupefy Mastery. This goes in hand with the Protego Mastery, where an enemy struck by your Stupefy charm will be stunned for a few more seconds. Whenever you properly counter an attack using Protego, your character unleashes the Stupefy charm, stunning the target you’re aiming at. This is a great way to make sure you take out more enemies, and an enemy under these effects will take more damage, which is always a plus.